Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Just Haven't Met You Yet

You are there, I am here.
I've been torn, You have too.
I promise to give you what no one else has ever given me.
Someday when we do meet, it'll be worth while
If i just wait for You.
So yes, I will just have to wait.
Wherever you are, I hope you're thinking of me.
You are not physically here
But I cry and pray for you.
I hope waiting pays off for the both of us.
I normally don't look too ahead of the future.
If you live your life and I live mine
We will both realize what our beautiful outcomes may be.
So to whom this may concern, wherever you are...
I Love You.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So through the various events that go on in my life, I will share them on this here's blogging site. Not necessarily for a  My week so far has been great! Getting A's on my midterms is nonetheless what I am most proud of myself for. But most of all, God has been answering my prayers. Diligence and Faith is what my main focus is, and I can see how God is working though me in many ways. I started applying for jobs in July, and for almost a month and a half, I was worrying that i would never get a job. I've come to a realization that I really don't need a job, because I've been keeping busy with my roommates, school, family, and the youth. I sort of stopped worrying and stopped praying for a job because i am content with what I have now.

but God has his ways of surprising me...

I openly answered a question that Pastor Drew asked us and I simply say, "A Job." He asked if I was cooped up on trying to find a job and if that was my main problem. "No, I left it in God's hands." He's got me covered is what I always tell myself. After, Terra, one of the Bible Study attendees, came up to me and asked if i was interested in a job...I got so excited! I gave her my phone number and she said that she would text me very soon. I don't care if this doesn't work out, but just the fact that God has plans for me and keeps me locked in growing in Faith.

Let me end off by saying that God has carried me through the toughest times in my life. God always knows how to comfort me when I start going bananas..b.a.n.a.n.a.s! :) I know I have grown in Jesus Christ, and if it hadn't been for Him showing me his love, then i probably wouldn't be as strong in my relationship with Him as I am today. Not because I am strong, but because of who God is and what He continues to teach me. Of course I have so much growing to do...but Love  is one of the greatest ones of all.

Monday, November 2, 2009


So Ive decided to take on the magical world of blogging. And I thank you :) This is also my first blog since I moved out to Riverside. What can I say, I'm a pretty outspoken gal!
So I guess I will start off with a formal greeting such as, "Greetings!" or "Bonjour Mes Amies!" This is just Day1 of what you will partake as a reader. I am currently listening to my Myspace Playlist to let my creative juices flow from my soul to this heres very screen. I have made a few friends out here. To name a few: Kimbo, Julia, (my roomies) Jeannie, Sarah, Reagan+Bella, Victoria, and my youth buddies! They're such a delight and I enjoy being around them and being able to be apart of a few moments in their lives.
I love cooking here. It gets a lot of frustration out, ohh and cleaning too! It sounds a bit strange, but I got that from my mother. I love talking to my roomies on a day to day basis because we help eachother and got eachothers backs! We also act "silly," as Julia says it. Kim and I would just roll on the floor laughing at eachother whereas Julia and I would use a lot, and i mean A LOT of sarcasm and movie quotes on eachother just to make eachother smile. It's actually gotten to the point where we don't know if we're joking or being serious. haha
I've learned so much from my 3 months stay here in Riverside. Maturity, Love, and Faith are just some of the ones to say the least. God is just so wonderful to me. In the next couple of blogs, I will share personal experiences to demonstrate, or try to portray through the art of writing, those 3 simple words that have changed my life.