Monday, December 30, 2013

A New (and scary) Business Adventure

Christmas is now over and I am excited to welcome a new year! I mean, we all deserve a second chance whether it is to renew our gym memberships, reapply for a job or a school, or to start something new. About a month ago, I had this dream of me starting a small business. I was so thrilled at the idea that I wrote out my dream in my notebook. It was filled with details, color and event ideas. I was invited to a friend's "Favorite Things" Party where one would bring three of the same gifts that is considered a personal favorite. It wasn't long that I figured I would combine three of my favorite things and give them away as gifts: antiquing, teacups and candles! I had the other ladies complimenting me on the thought and craftiness that went into it. Of course that set off my drive to be serious about the dream I had two weeks prior that I jumped the bandwagon of starting my own business.
I went out the next day and bought several cups from a local thrift store, bought some candle supplies from Michaels Craft Store and began a little mini adventure!

About a week ago, I had sold my first candle on the first day! I wasn't sure what would come from it but this pushed me to follow through on selling these puppies as fast as I can; make goals for myself. Here are some photos of the other cups that I have ready to sell for the new year! WOO HOOO!!

((one left))

The name of my business...

                                                                                                         Tasse Éclaire.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Day To Remember

How I've missed writing on my blog it's been too long!
Well let me begin to describe one of my most favorite days of this year; Thursday, 5 December 2013. 
I woke up around 5 am to happy birds singing songs of great joy (that's to show you how excited I was). 
I had made plans to travel to the beautiful San Marino, California and spend half the day at The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. I was not able to visit the museums or the libraries, but I did; however, spent a lot of time drooling and making little lakes of my own inside the botanical paradise.
Here are some photos I took (iPhone only) from my day there with Sisila Piring, her family and several of her friends!

Afterwards, a group of friends and I headed to Riverside's annual Festival of Lights. I look forward to spending time up there and every time I go, I always take a new friend. During our stay, there was an Art Festival on the corner of Mission Inn and Lime Street. I always buy something from them (even if it's at an insane price) because I love supporting their art and let them know that their hard work goes unnoticed. This photo was taken of my friend Alexia near the hot chocolate stand. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Turkey Bacon Cups

Want something easy, fresh, healthy and ready to go breakfast?
Well I've got just the thing for you! (haha how cheesy!)

Let me introduce to you, Turkey Bacon Cups!
Cups? What madness is this?
Well, let me explain!
Start by heating the oven at 375 degrees and you will bake them for 25 minutes on a cupcake tray.

Turkey Bacon
Egg whites
Yellow and red bell pepper
Salt Pepper Paprika
Homemade salsa

They should come out like this!

You can take them to work, school or on the couch and eat 'em all up! Happy Eating Everyone :)

You Are Rich

 You ARE Rich. Don't believe me?
     You've heard the story about the man who Jesus asked to drop everything, sell his possessions and follow him? ((Matthew 19:16-30))
     How many of us thought, "Well good for him! He has a family back home. He's rich, he doesn't need anything less" or "Why would he give up everything? How insensitive of Jesus to ask!"
Or how many of us thought, "Foolish man! You had an opportunity to follow the Teacher, the Messiah" or "what a materialistic and selfish man. Tsk tsk"
It doesn't matter so much which one we thought, but think of the last time you had to give something up. How hard was it to let it go? Why was it so hard? Did it hold special significance in your life? Did you invest a lot of time into it? Was it an expensive item?
     This is part of the reason why there are more problems of strife, brokenness and anger (especially in America). Our phone breaks and there goes our joy. Our belongings gets stolen and our hearts rage! We call ourselves ugly because the hairstylist messes up our hair and we pay for it. (All these are my experiences..haha)
     Think of a child. Her dolly breaks and she cries and throws a fit. The adult comforts her and says, "it's only a toy. It's not the end of the world. You just have to take better care of your things." We, as adults, don't like the idea of applying that to our lives.
     Why do we hold so much significance in things like automobiles, electronics and our know, material things! Why do they matter? If Jesus asked us to give up our comfort and move away or stay where we are, how would most of us react?
If we didn't have the money to keep up with our stylish appearances, would we give it up or give it up easily? "If you wish to be complete, go and
sell your possessions and give to the poor, you will have treasure in Heaven; and come, follow me." ((Matt. 19:21)
     Am I saying, sell your house so you and your family can live in a shelter? No. What I am saying is that we shouldn't hold so much value in material things! That shouldn't break us if we don't have the latest technology. We worry about saving up to watch that one book turned movie when what should we be focusing on? Giving to others less fortunate than ourselves!

     We can keep using the same excuse, "Well I'm only human" but at some point, we have to look in the mirror and reflect on our image in according to God. "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." (2 Corinth. 5:17)
Half of the things we own should be given away willingly (for the joy of others) and for our own good (because those belongings, be it materials or relationships, are not healthy nor do they produce joy).
     I'm going to say it now, unless you are living in poverty in a third world country (because let's face it, I RARELY see posts like, "well I haven't showered or eaten in 2 weeks" posted on Facebook) then you are part of the fortunate ones...material-wise.

For those who personally know Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are rich in blessings of your salvation! Yes, even if you are living off of food stamps. You, my friend have the riches because of your Heavenly Father. SHARE the wealth of salvation, joy and little nifty gifts!
     I encourage you to find your identity in the One who loves you eternally and deeply so that when you have nothing left, you can proclaim your riches of your Father ! "But to all who did receive Him, who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God." (John 1:12)
See, YOU are His child!

it's never too late or too early.
Ask God in a simple prayer, no matter who you are, for a well of refreshment to your confused, poor, or hardened heart who longs to know the love of God so you can share that same joy in love with others. He loves you, dear friend!

DIY flower headpiece

This past Saturday, I invited young ladies over for cupcakes, a study on Ruth chapter 4, a great fellowship.
So to start things off we spoke on how Ruth and Boaz were betrothed. We spoke about how Boaz lived the life of a faithful kinsman (redeemer). At the end, we spoke about how Jesus is OUR kinsman-redeemer.
I quoted Isaiah 62:2-3 to them in regards to the lesson and the activity.


For the Crown, you will need the following materials:
Floral tape
Foral wire
Any silk flowers
**i used baby's breath and peach roses 

Step 1: measure your head with the floral wire. Don't keep it too tight or too lose. You want to have room to securely take it off and put it on. Also, you will wrap it twice for a more secure head piece.

Step 2: Take your first flower and place it however you like on to the wire band. Secure it with tape and then add the next flower. 
**you will use one piece of tape for the whole head piece. Don't cut the tape off for each flower, keep it going by wrapping it near the last flower. 
Step 3: continue on the steps

Step 4: Store your beautiful headpiece in the fridge to preserve your crown!
Here is my completed headpiece 

With your complete headpiece, remember that you are a part of the body of Christ. You are His bride. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


1 Timothy 4:16 reads, "Be conscientious about how you live and what you teach. Persevere in this, because by doing so you will save both yourself and those who listen to you." 

I've read both 1 and 2 Timothy and nothing makes me angry inside when I see self proclaimed leaders blindly lead a group of youth or adults. You have been blessed with the gift to teach, the gift of friendship, the gift of giving or the gift to preach yet you're teachings by the way you live and teach is pitiful.I'm sure the glorified title of being a spiritual leader or pastor tickles you with joy that you have the respect and self righteous facade, but your act only works on an audience. 
Too harsh? Quit reading.
My eyes are opened and my heart is ready. I will not sit back and watch with a turned eye as you fill peoples spirits and souls with lies! That's their lives you're messing with, GOD'S people! Turn in your badges and work on your walk with God first before you act on your good works.
It's no wonder people are suffering in working on their relationship with Christ. It's no wonder the world has despised and coined us as "crazy", "hateful", "controlling", "hypocrit." What part of the gospel are you sharing with the world by acting the way you are? Because so few people are given the opportunities to be a witness as to the true nature of Jesus.
I do this out of love and it is not you that angers me, it is your actions. I am a part of the body of Christ no matter what church you attend and I will take blame as I should be watching my actions as well.

4:12 "Let no one look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in your speech, conduct, love, faithfulness, and purity."

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Birthday Pizza Night

What are several ways you can bring an out of town friend to come over your house to celebrate their birthday?
Good music?
Well how about food; pizza to be specific! Put the phone book down, you don't have to look up the number for Pizza Hut or Dominos! How about a slice of healthy homemade pizza!?
One of my best friends turned 22 this week and I invited her over for some homemade pizza, a movie and a good time! We didn't have a chance to spend a lot of time together but we made it out with a full heart and a happy belly. :)

Here's the recipe I used to make this with her.
For 1 pizza
((Preheat oven at 400 degrees))
•lemon juice
•collard greens or spinach (washed and drained)
• cooked chicken breast
Combine these 5 ingredients in a bowl and mix well

For the dough (step by step)
•1 lb of pizza dough (have a pan ready with olive oil spread evenly and lay out the hand tossed dough on to the pan)
•1 clove of garlic (minced and spread evenly on dough)
•Alfredo sauce (spread an even coat of sauce on the dough)
((add the 5 ingredients on to the dough evenly))
** Add thinly whole sliced tomatoes on top (optional, but this adds SO much flavor)
•top it off with fontina cheese (you can also add mozzarella or any of your other favorite Italian cheeses. *note: only add a portion before you put it in the oven. In the middle of it baking in the oven, add more cheese to the pizza for a cheesier flavor!!)

Bake for 15/16 minutes or until golden brown.
Cut evenly and ENJOY a little taste of Italy!

If you add any special sauces, seasonings or toppings let me know! I'd love to hear how yours came out!

     God Bless!

Monday, October 14, 2013

I vow

To my future family
A large reason why I am quiet around a large group of people or why I have awkward moments of staring is because I am constantly inspecting many families, taking notes diligently and dissecting the good and poor examples. I am inspired by every single one (yes, even those "reality" tv families). You know, how I want and don't want my marriage and kids to be. I am inspired to protect my kids and love my spouse through anything and everything. To keep my family first before my job, my extended family and my friends. To protect and serve what God has blessed me with. I will not take it for granted nor will I take my duty as a wife and mother lightly. Because when I say, "Till death do us part", "To honor and cherish forever" and "To forsake all others" I will uphold that with every part of my being. So forgive me now because I may lose some close friendships because I am unable make it to any of the "Girls Night Out". My family may ask why I am so uptight and recommend that I loosen up and let my kids "explore" what this world typically has to offer them but all those losses will be ok with me. I would give up the whole world for them than have the world parading around me and lose my home. Some are probably reading this thinking, "ok Miss Huckstable family. This is the 21st century. No family is like that anymore nor are they near perfect.." That may be so, but like I've mentioned before, I've been watching parents and spouses. I will have to give up some bad habits just for them. If you wanted something so badly (a car, a house, to be healthy or to quit drugs or drinking) how much of yourself would you give to get what is good for you? I will learn to change my habits now, so that when I'm older and have a family of my own they won't have to suffer the repercussions with what I'm struggling with right now. I've heard several stories about people having families and entering with the issues they've had since they were teenagers/young adults and then their spouse has to "accept" exactly who they are and work with it and then the kids soak up some of the bad habits.
Lately, this world seems to be getting crazier and more complicated. I will keep my standards as high, if not HIGHER, than my parents and grandparents have so that my kids won't subject themselves to doing what everyone is doing because I didn't love them enough to protect them. So my husband doesn't have to think it's ok to look or lust at another woman (and that it's not considered cheating) because I worked too much and never kept myself up for him.
Simply, I have no desires for a plaque honoring me as employee of the month or a banner praising my years of service with the an organization. I want a blanket misspelling the phrase "Worlds Best Mom" embroidered on it and their cute little hands all around it. I want my husband to write me letters all throughout our lives and share with people about our love.
Look at me, blabbering about a family that I don't even have. But Lord knows I am saving up and storing treasures for them now, so that they can have a blessed life later. All for what I stand up for: My Family.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fire Dwindled

Awaken all you who slumber for days on end.
Those of you who bow at the altar, crying out in repentance fooling everyone except for Christ and Christ alone.
Away with your hypocrisy praise and hypocrisy hearts.
Your hands are raised in the highest form of praise but you carry on as one with a whip in one hand and blood in the other.
You who took Christ to the cross with eyes of blood red.
You declare love for others who spit in the name of your father, your maker.
You mouth is closed to defend the helpless, the hopeless, the lost.
Church, trade your shiny service shoes for your filthy feet bare.
Allow Him to wash you clean in all that is righteous and all that is good.
Let the curtain close on your pitiful game and show.
Take your last bow, for Christ is near.
Anxiously awaiting His people to repent
To surrender.