Monday, December 30, 2013

A New (and scary) Business Adventure

Christmas is now over and I am excited to welcome a new year! I mean, we all deserve a second chance whether it is to renew our gym memberships, reapply for a job or a school, or to start something new. About a month ago, I had this dream of me starting a small business. I was so thrilled at the idea that I wrote out my dream in my notebook. It was filled with details, color and event ideas. I was invited to a friend's "Favorite Things" Party where one would bring three of the same gifts that is considered a personal favorite. It wasn't long that I figured I would combine three of my favorite things and give them away as gifts: antiquing, teacups and candles! I had the other ladies complimenting me on the thought and craftiness that went into it. Of course that set off my drive to be serious about the dream I had two weeks prior that I jumped the bandwagon of starting my own business.
I went out the next day and bought several cups from a local thrift store, bought some candle supplies from Michaels Craft Store and began a little mini adventure!

About a week ago, I had sold my first candle on the first day! I wasn't sure what would come from it but this pushed me to follow through on selling these puppies as fast as I can; make goals for myself. Here are some photos of the other cups that I have ready to sell for the new year! WOO HOOO!!

((one left))

The name of my business...

                                                                                                         Tasse Éclaire.

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