Monday, October 14, 2013

I vow

To my future family
A large reason why I am quiet around a large group of people or why I have awkward moments of staring is because I am constantly inspecting many families, taking notes diligently and dissecting the good and poor examples. I am inspired by every single one (yes, even those "reality" tv families). You know, how I want and don't want my marriage and kids to be. I am inspired to protect my kids and love my spouse through anything and everything. To keep my family first before my job, my extended family and my friends. To protect and serve what God has blessed me with. I will not take it for granted nor will I take my duty as a wife and mother lightly. Because when I say, "Till death do us part", "To honor and cherish forever" and "To forsake all others" I will uphold that with every part of my being. So forgive me now because I may lose some close friendships because I am unable make it to any of the "Girls Night Out". My family may ask why I am so uptight and recommend that I loosen up and let my kids "explore" what this world typically has to offer them but all those losses will be ok with me. I would give up the whole world for them than have the world parading around me and lose my home. Some are probably reading this thinking, "ok Miss Huckstable family. This is the 21st century. No family is like that anymore nor are they near perfect.." That may be so, but like I've mentioned before, I've been watching parents and spouses. I will have to give up some bad habits just for them. If you wanted something so badly (a car, a house, to be healthy or to quit drugs or drinking) how much of yourself would you give to get what is good for you? I will learn to change my habits now, so that when I'm older and have a family of my own they won't have to suffer the repercussions with what I'm struggling with right now. I've heard several stories about people having families and entering with the issues they've had since they were teenagers/young adults and then their spouse has to "accept" exactly who they are and work with it and then the kids soak up some of the bad habits.
Lately, this world seems to be getting crazier and more complicated. I will keep my standards as high, if not HIGHER, than my parents and grandparents have so that my kids won't subject themselves to doing what everyone is doing because I didn't love them enough to protect them. So my husband doesn't have to think it's ok to look or lust at another woman (and that it's not considered cheating) because I worked too much and never kept myself up for him.
Simply, I have no desires for a plaque honoring me as employee of the month or a banner praising my years of service with the an organization. I want a blanket misspelling the phrase "Worlds Best Mom" embroidered on it and their cute little hands all around it. I want my husband to write me letters all throughout our lives and share with people about our love.
Look at me, blabbering about a family that I don't even have. But Lord knows I am saving up and storing treasures for them now, so that they can have a blessed life later. All for what I stand up for: My Family.

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