Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fire Dwindled

Awaken all you who slumber for days on end.
Those of you who bow at the altar, crying out in repentance fooling everyone except for Christ and Christ alone.
Away with your hypocrisy praise and hypocrisy hearts.
Your hands are raised in the highest form of praise but you carry on as one with a whip in one hand and blood in the other.
You who took Christ to the cross with eyes of blood red.
You declare love for others who spit in the name of your father, your maker.
You mouth is closed to defend the helpless, the hopeless, the lost.
Church, trade your shiny service shoes for your filthy feet bare.
Allow Him to wash you clean in all that is righteous and all that is good.
Let the curtain close on your pitiful game and show.
Take your last bow, for Christ is near.
Anxiously awaiting His people to repent
To surrender.

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